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These romcoms share small-town Friendly, Indiana 

Mending Hearts


She feared love. He avoided it. Could the holiday season unwrap a new present?




My universe crashed when my husband passed away, but I recovered by opening a charming boutique containing heart-related gifts. These symbols gave me hope of finding the courage to love again.


Then a famous artist moved to our small town. Atlas was handsome, sophisticated—he opened my world to a new possibility. But could I run the risk of gifting him my vulnerable heart?




After watching my parents destroy each other, the idea of commitment scared me. So I hardened my heart toward women and gave my affection to my paintings.


In walked sweet Brielle, a brushwork of colors only found in heaven. But I whitewashed that masterpiece away. Why would I sketch her colorful future with my black-hearted soul?

Mending Hearts is a sweet, opposites attract romcom about learning to let go of the past and embracing the gift of new love. Some Santa matchmaking might appear.

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The 41st Disaster eBook cover.jpg

The 41st Disaster

How many dates does it take to find Mr. Right?

After forty disastrous dates, Elsie Goode decides she’s kissed her last frog and turns to focus on salvaging her business that’s close to bankruptcy.

New-to-town veterinarian, Dirk Lovett, prefers the company of animals—they don’t crush your heart by lying and skipping town with another man.

In a twist of fate, Mr. Purrfect veterinarian hires Elsie to plan a birthday party. Her hopes for a happily-ever-after spike, but her conniving business partner promises to sign over her half of the company—if Elsie helps her become Mrs. Dr. Lovett.

Sole ownership will save the business, so Elsie takes on a dubious matchmaking role requiring lies and deceit. Trouble is, the pet whisperer falls for Elsie. Now she must make a choice: continue to lie and save her company or give up and tell Dirk the truth—which will destroy his heart all over again.

The 41st Disaster is a forbidden love, matchmaker gone wrong romantic comedy.

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Christmas With You

I planned to ditch Christmas, but a guy in a Santa hat spun my boycott into mistletoe magic.

After making a choice that destroyed two lives, I embarked on a road trip that would earn me a designer label and redemption.

Simple. Until my car died, and Finley, the country bumkin who offered a tow, also jumpstarted my heart.

Simple. Until a blizzard blew in, stranding me with Mr. Fix-It’s family, who reminded me of my unraveled family threads.


When my fiancée dumped me like a flat tire on the side of the road, I gave up on love. Engines were more predictable.

Predictable. Until I came across Jocelyn, an Uptown Girl stranded in a conked-out car.

Predictable. Until this uppity woman ignited all my spark plugs and lit up my life.

Christmas With You is a sweet, holiday romantic comedy about overcoming self-doubt and finding the attraction between opposites. Some Santa matchmaking might appear.

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Love Y0u a Latte

Romance brews when a curling champ walks into a single mom’s coffee cafe.

After a bitter divorce and custody battle, Rachel Ranney is worried about her money situation—or lack thereof. She took out a loan to start a coffee café bookstore, so the place needs to be a success to prove she’s financially stable to raise her son, Cody. She can’t afford any distractions.

Bayle Garrison’s tunnel vision focuses on one goal—help his curling team win the Olympic trials. This victory will allow him to escape the twenty-eight-year-long-shadow of his favored “golden” brother. He can’t veer off on the road toward redemption.

Then Bayle accepts Cody’s invitation to Rachel’s birthday party. Sparks fly and hearts go double-shot espresso. Except, there’s no room in their structured lives for a whole latte love.

Love You a Latte is a standalone romcom that takes place in the Coffee Loft shared world. This opposites attract, fake Casanova romance will leave you yearning to visit small town Friendly, Indiana and score a ride in that corncob car.

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