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These romcoms have open door love scenes

Tropical Love eBook cover Newest.jpg

Tropical Love

First book in the Postscript Island Series








Forever love is overrated.

Dumped for Hollywood. Kingman Sinclair’s fiancé left him standing on the shore, holding a diamond ring and a vow to never love again.

Eighteen years later, the lead actress in the resort’s romantic comedy play, Francesca Goodwin, AKA the girl who ditched him, arrives on a boat.

Hello, obvious catastrophe. No one should look that good while carrying a four-foot condom wrapper.

Francesca Goodwin would love to share the truth behind their breakup and revise the scenes of their ill-fated love story.

Except the truth will drop a stage curtain on their heads.

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Tropical Kiss

Second book in the Postscript Island Series

Soulmates are overrated.

When Liz Grady's fiancé wins the lottery and dumps her five days before their wedding, she reinvents herself as a man-eating seductress bent on breaking hearts while mending hers. And of course, she takes her honeymoon solo.

She hops on a plane, wearing a low-cut skimpy dress and her first pair of thong panties. As she squirms in the passenger seat, she makes one rule for this island rebound plan: no introverts. (And no more razor-sharp underwear.)

After countless dates, Heaton Redding finds someone who genuinely loves him—not his money. But the day he plans to propose, he catches his girlfriend playing hide the baguette with his French chef.

To escape the paparazzi, he disguises himself as a timid IT engineer and boards a plane to little-known Postscript Island. He has one firm rule: no rebounds. (Why is that beautiful woman wriggling in her seat?)


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Tropical Date eBook cover.jpg

Tropical Date

Third book in the Postscript Island Series

Perfection is overrated.

Life-shattering news sent her boyfriend AWOL, so Marissa Sinclair is painting her way past heartbreak. After earning an art degree and opening a gallery, Marissa is determined to make her life a masterpiece.

Desperate to escape his grief, Weston Stambro flees to the States. During a high-stakes poker game he wins a small condom manufacturing plant. With no stiff competition, he grows the factory into a medium, then large, and finally into an extra-large money-maker. Now he’s a billionaire with a seemingly perfect life.

Then someone offers a ridiculous wad of money for his mom’s boutique. Shock and confused, she begs for Weston’s advice. Without hesitation, he points his yacht toward Postscript Island. But he wishes he’d brought protection for his heart.


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