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Book Review on Rebecca Carpenter's metamorphosis series

Updated: Jan 8

Titles of the three book series:

Butterfly Bones, Butterfly Blood, and Butterfly Broken

Author: Rebecca Carpenter

Genre: Science fiction

Audience: Young Adult

Rebecca Carpenter had me at the title, Butterfly Bones. This young adult story lives up to the unusual title in that the main character, fifteen-year-old Bethany, becomes her dad’s lab rat, so to speak, in an experiment involving butterflies and their metamorphosis into something that can fly. Why? Because Bethany has a rare genetic disorder which her father desperately wants to undo by injecting butterfly hormones. Blend this wild plot with every day school bullies and first loves, and you have a great modern day sci-fi worthy of your time.

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I liked this first story so much I read the next two installments of Carpenter’s metamorphosis series, Butterfly Blood and Butterfly Broken.

In Butterfly Blood, Carpenter makes her readers root for the safety of sixteen-year-old Bethany as she battles so-called doctors who seemingly try to save her from a parasite destroying her blood. But Carpenter never lets her heroine be “safe.” This story will make your heart pound.

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The third book in this metamorphosis series, Butterfly Broken, builds on the tragic romance between Bethany and Jeremiah. Only this time, his life hangs in the balance along with Bethany’s.

Together, they form a strong dueling team. A team that transforms...

Plenty of twists and on the edge of your seat action.

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