• R. S. Jonesee

Book Review on Keepers by Cheryl Burman

Title: Keepers

Author: Cheryl Burman

Genre: Historical Romance

Audience: Adult

If you enjoy historical fiction set in 1950s Australia with a bitter sweet romance tucked within the story, then you’ll love Cheryl Burman’s Keepers.

The main character, Raine Greene, has a tough decision to make when her insecure husband runs away, leaving her and their child behind and she finds she’s pregnant with their second child. Should she give up and accept the loving, sweet attention of their best friend, Alf, a gentle man who would do anything for her and children? Or take a mighty risk over frozen, rough roads set high on cliffs to talk with her husband at the migrant camp and see if there’s anything left in their relationship to salvage?

Her choice seems obvious, but is it?

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