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Book Review on Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

Updated: Jan 7

Title: Coming Up Roses

Author: Staci Hart

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Audience: Adult

Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart caught my attention when I saw it was loosely based on Pride and Prejudice. I mean, who doesn’t like some Jane Austen throwback? But the only similarities are the modern day Bennet brothers instead of sisters, and the house called Longbourne in P&P is a flower shop in this story.

But this story doesn’t need any more P&P associations because it stands well on its own.

Hart weaves a funny, second chance romance between the unintentional heart breaker, Luke Bennet, and the independent sassy heroine, Tess Monroe.

Luke is a bit hyperactive with some attention deficits, but he has a good character arc from the beginning to the end. And he’s come home to help his siblings save the multigenerational flower shop. True hottie with strong family ties.

Wild is how the heroine describes him along with feral, a thing unbridled. I agree.

Tess is a hardworking, determined lady with a deep seated angst against Luke. She works in the flower shop, so this keeps them stuck together in a combined effort to keep the place from going under. But Tess wants to stay clear of Luke because he wrecks everything he touches. Including her.

Luke believes Tess is the one woman immune to his charm.

The rest of the story is of these two characters working through their issues while making sure Luke’s parents stay afloat with the flower shop. Be prepared for great humorous lines and situations. Tons of steam. Tons of humorous lines.

I’d say this romantic comedy’s heat level earns two handheld fans.

My heat level ratings are:

One handheld folding fan = no heat.

Two handheld folding fans = medium heat.

Electric plugin fan = high heat.

Electric plugin fan while stripped naked= over-the-top heat.

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