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Book Review on By A Thread by Lucy Score

Updated: Jan 7

Title: By a Thread

Author: Lucy Score

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Audience: Adult

When I went looking for a romantic comedy author to read, Lucy Score’s name came up numerous times and was highly recommended. Her RomCom, By A Thread, did not disappoint. Lucy made the hero and heroine come alive on the pages within the glamorous world of high fashion. Dominic, the hero, is a hurt rich guy who falls deeply for Ally, who is so darn cute and fun, I’d fall for her myself if I met her in real life.

The best part of the story is the humor Lucy adds. She’s funny and spot on with her comedy, which makes Ally likable due to the humor mainly coming from her character. But the supporting staff chime in with fun puns. Dominic also has his fair share of line liners.

This is a real steamy story, so beware, but I believe readers of Lucy Score have come to expect this level of heat. The author handles the sex very well with intense passion while striking on the emotions. But oh boy…

I’d say this romantic comedy’s heat level earns an electric plugin fan.

My heat level ratings are:

One handheld folding fan = no heat.

Two handheld folding fans = medium heat.

Electric plugin fan = high heat.

Electric plugin fan while stripped naked= over-the-top heat.

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