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These romcoms are sweet & wholesome 

The 41st Disaster

The 41st Disaster eBook cover.jpg

How many dates does it take to find Mr. Right?

After forty disastrous dates, Elsie Goode decides she’s kissed her last frog and turns to focus on salvaging her business that’s close to bankruptcy.

New-to-town veterinarian, Dirk Lovett, prefers the company of animals—they don’t crush your heart by lying and skipping town with another man.

In a twist of fate, Mr. Purrfect veterinarian hires Elsie to plan a birthday party. Her hopes for a happily-ever-after spike, but her conniving business partner promises to sign over her half of the company—if Elsie helps her become Mrs. Dr. Lovett.

Sole ownership will save the business, so Elsie takes on a dubious matchmaking role requiring lies and deceit. Trouble is, the pet whisperer falls for Elsie. Now she must make a choice: continue to lie and save her company or give up and tell Dirk the truth—which will destroy his heart all over again.

The 41st Disaster is a standalone, forbidden love, matchmaker gone wrong romantic comedy.

Releases February 3, 2023, Treat Yourself Here

Falling For The Boss

An Anthology of 25+ Romantic Comedies

Raises, promotions and recognition… With work, it’s all business and no pleasure, right?

That is until the man who signs those paychecks you work so hard for, makes your cheeks flush and your eyes twinkle when he’s in the room with you. 

Surely it’s just a crush. Or is there more to it? Could it be the start of something you didn’t know you wanted?

What happens when that workplace crush suddenly turns into a workplace romance?

This heart-warming, hilarious anthology will bring scandals, laugh-out-loud funny, closed door romantic comedy that's sure to entertain you for hours.


Releases June 6, 2023, Get Your Laughs Here

Falling for the Boss.jpg

Stranded In Amesbury

A Shared World Christmas Series by different Authors 

Introducing the Christmas in Amesbury series. If you like Hallmark, then this is the series for you to binge. Amesbury, Montana is the ideal destination during the holidays—visitors and hometowners embrace all the drama, meet cutes, and small town shenanigans.

There’s something about a small town that brings magic to the Christmas season. Check out the series that will have you laughing hysterically and rooting for the characters to find their happily-ever-afters.

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